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Digital Asset Management

Simplifying the way you work with your media

Bynder's Digital Asset Management (DAM) module is the perfect tool to centralize, organize and share all your digital media files. The Bynder Digital Asset Management solution is easy-to-use, yet rich on functionality, enabling you to save time and hassle when working with media and collaborating with colleagues. Because working with digital files has become the standard for marketing operations, we have made usability Bynder's most stand-apart feature.

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Adding files to your asset bank, whether individually or in bulk, is easy - you can even upload hundreds of files at one time per batch!

Bulk Upload Via Drag And Drop

Bynder supports all common media file formats including images, videos, and documents, and automatically generates thumbnail previews during upload.

Supported File Formats

Bynder will automatically extract all metadata during the upload process.

Automatic Metadata Extraction

External parties, such as photographers and design agencies (who do not have access to your portal) can still upload media via the drag and drop feature on your login page. The recipient can then either reject or accept the media.

Receive Media Files

The Waiting Room feature will ensure that only approved files are added to your asset bank.

Approve & Audit Uploads

Folders, categories and metadata filters can be completely adapted to reflect the way you work. You can add descriptive tags to your files to make it easier to find files again via the search function. If you need help our implementation team will work out the best suitable structure together with you.

Customizable Taxonomy

Bynder allows you make changes to your files in bulk, whether you want to add or remove tags, change folders and categories or add information to other metadata fields.

Bynder allows for simple image and video manipulation such as cropping, rotating, and clipping.

On-the-fly Image and Video Manipulation

Bynder lets you relate files to one another for quicker access. For example, you can group multiple shots of the same product or a brochure in different languages.

Version control helps designers and brand managers ensure that the most up-to-date versions of files are made available for download.

Bynder uses a smart fingerprinting algorithm to clean your database of unwanted duplicates.

Keep your digital asset bank up-to-date by marking outdated materials as "archive".

Archiving Media

Instant search results will allow you to narrow down your search within seconds, giving you full flexibility in combining different search criteria to find the desired result.

Instant Search Results

Bynder’s powerful search function allows for an incredibly fast, intuitive, and user-friendly file search. It is even possible to search within a PDF file.

With advanced search filters, you can combine several metadata fields with custom filters in order to search through your media database based on geographic location, archival materials, authors, copyright and more.

Bynder automatically creates a preview of most media files, including video, audio, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Word, and PDF. Relevant metadata is presented next to the preview alongside any product information or related files.

You do not need to download PDF files in order to browse the content. Simply hit “look into document” and choose your zoom level from the dropdown menu.

Sharing files the traditional way (via email, hard copies, etc.) can lead to information leaks. Bynder allows users to revoke access to collections even after they have been sent out. It is also possible to share files for a limited time period.

Security and Access Control

The collections feature allows you to select and group media files, regardless of their file type, size, or category. Creating a collection will not only allow you to access, edit and work on a specific group of files at any time, but also to share collections with others.

Embedding media directly saves you a great deal of time when it comes to publishing content. Bynder will automatically provide you with a file embed code that you can simply then copy and paste into your CMS.

In order to add further security to your files and prevent unauthorized distribution of media files, Bynder allows users to add watermarks to content.

Make your digital asset bank publicly available and make your media available for public download. Bynder offers both a payment module and a shopping basket functionality, meaning that you can run your own stock image bank and sell your images directly through Bynder.

Open Image Bank

Features of the Month

Technical Features

System Integration

Cloud-based applications like Bynder need to be smartly integrated into your existing IT-infrastructure to take full advantage of functionality, speed and cost savings. That’s why we work with the industry’s leading players and best-of-breed technologies.

Learn more about System Integration

Security and Hosting

Bynder is built on the most recent infrastructure and best practices. Our software is designed to meet all demands and requirements necessitated by global enterprises. Read about our hosting and security structures below.

Learn more about Security and Hosting

User Rights Management

It is crucial to make sure that all users have access to the aspects of the brand portal that are beneficial for them. Bynder allows you to easily define precisely which access rights are to be provided for which users, and allows you to easily curb user rights.

Learn more about User Rights Management

Customizing Your Bynder

Custom Theming

If you're using your Bynder as a Brand Portal or branding center, it is logical to make the portal match your company's style and adhere to your branding guidlines. Bynder can fully skin and customize Bynder for you for a fully on-brand experience.

In the cloud

Using a customized look and feel does not mean you will have to get a custom installation or a "branch-out" code. Everything will still be fully hosted in the Cloud and you will still automatically receive all the operational updates and support.

Corporate and Enterprise

All our corporate and enterprise accounts are eligible for custom theming. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your custom theming ideas with a professional.


Let our designers do their magic and create your brand portal to be a mirror image of your brand.

We want to make your portal as good-looking as possible. Luckily, our amazing designers and developers are capable of making even your wildest and most creative custom theming requests come true.

Customizing Your Bynder


Consultants and Specialists

Consultants and Specialists

Making sure Bynder runs smoothly for you is important for us as it is integral to prolonging our business partnership with you. For this reason, we have a team of experienced consultants, product specialists and success managers who will all work together to make sure that you will be able to get the most out of the Bynder solution as soon as possible.

Setup and Onboarding

Setup and Onboarding

We are experienced in setting up and onboarding users, which is why our implementation specialists are there for you every step of the way. Whether its helping out on Launch Day itself with training, or taking control of the entire process - we are always ready to go!

Custom User Videos

Custom User Videos

Custom-made tutorial videos during launch are a great way to get your users to rapidly adopt your new brand portal. Demo videos are a user-friendly way to help users learn and adopt new applications and features.

Workshops and Training

Workshops and Training

It is important to get your users utilizing your brand portal to its full potential as soon as possible. Workshops and training seminars are a great way to get everyone involved and on board from the get-go.

Data Import Services

Data Import Services

You're probably not starting from scratch and have tons of files on disks, network drives and USB sticks. Uploading all this can take weeks of your time, which is why our team will be happy to help you with data on-boarding (and off-boarding).

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